Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Childhood Memories

 Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.
~~Haruki Marukami, Kafka on the Shore

Climbing the gigantic tree in our front yard and playing office. Although I didn't realize it then I must have been scared of heights as my office was the lowest branch. 

Sitting on a piece of lumber on our basement stairs to steady it as my dad sawed away.

Listening to my mom read Make Way for Ducklings.

Spending the night at my best friend's house and taking over the guest room as we set up our entire paper doll collection.

Fishing with my grandpa when we went to visit them in New York.

Making dollhouses out of magazines and shoeboxes at my Gran's house when I got to spend the night all by myself.

Holly Hobbie lunchbox and first day of school pictures.

Sitting on the brown braided rug in our living room and watching Brady Bunch.

Playing "wilderness" in our backyard.

Spice cake with coffee frosting for my birthdays.

Day #4


Diane said...

I too had a Holly Hobbie lunchbox and a Holly Hobbie birthday cake one year. I think I was 7. :)

Robbie K said...

What's not to love about Holly Hobbie?