Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Listicles: MUST HAVES Closet Edition

I use to face Mondays with staggering amounts of dread and then I found Stasha and her fabulous Monday Listicles. It's been awhile since I joined in on the fun and this week's topic is must haves in my closet.

1. SLIPPERS-lots and lots and lots of slippers

2. black boots

3. track pants

4. work polos--a different color for every day of the week & I never have to plan an outfit.

5. dark jeans

6. black leggings

7. gift bags 

8. Nike cross trainers

9. black dress pants

10. My skinny clothes--which both taunt and motivate me

What are your closet must haves?


Tamara Camera said...

OH, fun!
I think all ten of mine are really sundresses, but since I live in New England and it doesn't quite work that way...
Fun socks
Flannel PJ pants from Old Navy/Target
Skinny Jeans
Red sweaters
Doctor Who T-shirts
Spring/Fall jackets
A winter peacoat
Costumes for cosplay (not kidding here!)
Cute underwear

CLR said...

What are track pants? Interesting! If I were to show anyone my closet right now, they might sign me up for the show, Hoarders. It is seriously time to clean it out!

Robbie K said...

Track pants are my go too item! They are workout pants made out of the same material as athletic shorts. I would consider them even more casual than yoga pants! My closet needs a cleaning too!

Lisa Corriveau said...

Wait, what? Gift bags? Did I read that right? How do you wear those? :)

Kristi Campbell said...

Awesome! Sweatpants, work clothes, too many suits that are too small (motivating AND frustrating), sweaters, and lots and lots of flip flops and other sandals. And three different colored Uggs :D

Meesh said...

Awesome. Okay..

Maxi skirts
Denim shorts
Tank tops with bra shelving
PJ pants
Yoga pants
Men's large comfy t-shirts
One nice little black dress

I don't think I've touched anything else since I've given birth (over a year ago!)