Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I am sharing a Coke with Kelly today. This is weird because I cannot think of anyone named Kelly who I would want to share a Coke with. Or should it be with whom I want to share a Coke?When this clever marketing campaign started I would rummage through the cooler looking for a name. Looking for someone important enough to share a Coke with. I will never find my name on the side of an ice cold 20 oz. Coke bottle. I won't find my children's names either. That's the price you pay for unique names.

It's a work from home morning for me, which means oodles of distractions  interspersed with brief periods of frenzied productivity. I anxiously check the mail for my copy of Driven to Distraction. I suppose it will likely confirm what I already suspect. The piano teacher called me in August to chat about Einstein and suggested I might read it. She was in no way diagnosing him but just sharing observations and experiences she'd had with her own daughter. Mrs. V did not see my head bobbing up and down in agreement. Not only was she describing some characteristics of my oldest so but she was describing me. It was eerie.

The ringing cell phone brings me back to reality. While conversing with my student mentor I check my grades, check my bank account balance which is never enough, rationalize to her why I have yet to submit my Classroom Management assignment but have started course work in classes that I am not yet enrolled, start another load of laundry and try to figure out how I am going to meet my work deadlines, shower, plan dinner and zoom to the post office and be at the school to volunteer within the next one-hundred and twenty minutes.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Has it really been TWELVE day since I spewed words here? How can that even be? Life has been really freaking hard hard that I cannot wrap my head around it or put it into words most days. Thus the reason for my absence.

Moving on, I have missed Monday Listicles more than you know. It was the one reason to look forward to the start of another week. I am thrilled that Stasha is bringing them back. I am THIS CLOSE to doing a happy dance but I am not a dancer. 

Ten Hashtags to Describe Me:

1. #sassyandsmartassy

2. #cocacolaaddict


4. #chronicallysleepderived

5. #nacholover


7. #tryingtosavetheworld

8. #anklesprainer

9. #woh/wahm

10. #collegekidagain

What hashtags describe you?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: At the Fair

I went to our county fair for the first time and even though I was too cheap to ride anything we had a blast.

Notice anything wrong with this photo?

Nobody puts Goat in the corner. Except Goat who is clearly over this Fair crap.

Strapping on the feedbag


I <3 alpacas!

What are your favorite fair memories?