Friday, November 21, 2014

Status Update

I do not have the skills to take a screen shot but today I give you my FaceBook status-thanks to the comedic timing of the seven year old.

Wyatt wisdom "So Mom I've been thinking and you are basically a bat. You stay up really late and when you are awake you are always taking care of everybody and you never really go outside. Well only for like the 4 or 9 seconds it takes you to get in the car to get us or to go to see one of your clients or when you go to your meetings. And you'd like to sleep all day if you could (he is annoyed I sleep till 9 on weekends). So yeah, you're pretty much a bat."
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Thursday, November 20, 2014


I had planned to participate in a clever questions post that is making the rounds. The timing is perfect with it being #NaBloPoMo Day #20 and with every ounce of energy sucked out of me. 

You see, I spent eight exhausting hours at a CQI training today. Continuous Quality Improvement is mind numbing number mumbo jumbo, statisistical analysis bullshit. Why don't I tell you exactly how I feel about it? 

I said more than once today "there's a reason I work with people and not with numbers." Rattling off all the mean, mode and median qualitative quantitative continuous discrete blah, blah, blah is NOT going to get my client out of jail.  It isn't going to take provide a meal when her food stamps run out, or give her the courage to leave her ten year long abusive relationship. It  isn't going to magically transport her out of poverty. The numbers won't qualify her for a better paying job.  The carefully constructed bar graph can't cover the electricity bill this month or transport the sick baby to the doctor. 

I wish numbers could provide some hope for the families I serve. Instead it magnifies the shameful ways our nation disappoints and ignores some of the most vulnerable citizens.

And there you have it folks-the question post that turned into a rant.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: When They Were Little

This little boater is thirteen and obsessed with Xbox.

This bowler is eleven and taller than me!

My brown-eyed baby is almost eight!