Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Listicles: Unforgettable

I debated about doing Listicles this week because it is such an emotional topic for me. Happiness+heartbreak.


-Holding my mom's hand as she took her last breath


- Giving birth for the first time and Big Yankee shouting, "We have a son!"

-Holding my daughter for the first time. I'd ended up with an emergency c-section and the details of her birth are fuzzy.

-Being in a car accident on Christmas Eve, looking back at my children as our van spun out of control and thinking it might be our last moment.

- When my BFF told me she had cancer.

- When the doctor said, "This baby has TONS of hair  and it's a BOY!" Holding my last baby for the first time!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday Listicles: Too Much

It's time for Monday Listicles! Yes,  I do realize it is Tuesday but I like to keep my readers in suspense on occasion. Also I just could NOT get my act together yesterday and then there was the whole my boss is in town and I have to spend all day at the office complication. Anywho, the beautiful Staasha wants to know things that I say too much. 

Here ya go:

1. Will you bring me a coke?

2. We're going to be late!

3. Life's not fair and it is my job to teach you that.

4. I'm studying!/I'm taking a test!

5. Who has my phone?

6. Well, I AM the cool mom!

7. When are you going to be home?

8. Totes adorbs!

9. Apparently

10. I'm leaving NOW!!

What things do you say entirely too often?