Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Twenty Five Things

I'm taking a page out of the book of Pesky Pippi and revealing 25 things you might not know about yours truly!

1. I've had plastic surgery.

2. I wore braces until a few months before my 21st birthday. It was as awkward as you are picturing. Metal mouth.

3. I swallow gum. ALL THE TIME. Without realizing it. Sometimes I just go ahead and eat half of it before I start chewing.

4. I'm not a huge fan of breakfast food. Especially in the morning.

5. I despise milk.

6. I have bird legs.

7. I won a chili cook-off.

8. My knees and ankles can't touch when I'm sleeping.

9. I was the youngest person in my high school graduating class.

10. The smell of root beer disgusts me.

11. I have no clue what a motherboard is. I do know a mother who is bored on occasion.

12. I got kicked out of a country bar one New Year's Eve. I was convinced they would let me back in if I memorized my driver's license number.

13. I LOVE holding babies. I don't care who they belong too.

14. I have freckles on my face.

15. I am an organ donor.

16. I was a Girl Scout for many years. One of the girls in my troop murdered her parents after she graduated high school. She's up for parole this year.

17. I don't like touching pregnant bellies-except my own.

18. I wish I spoke Spanish fluently. 

19. I believe there's no such thing as too much garlic.

20. I babysat a girl who later went to prison for hiring someone to murder her husband. 

21. I love artichoke hearts.

22. I use to have pet worms when I was little. I would hide them in my pockets.

23. I never wanted to learn to ride a bike. I FINALLY did when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I still don't enjoy riding bikes.

24. Driving across bridges scares me. I close my eyes going across the Golden Gate Bridge and try not to have a panic attack.

25. I never read The Boxcar Children or 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight or Hunger Games.

So what do we have in common?


Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

Wow, what's with all the murder drama? Spooky! I'm glad we don't have that in common. And pet worms? That's hilarious!

Diane said...

Wow, let's see... numbers 4,5,8,10,11,12 (but it wasn't a country bar and they remembered me months later, when my friends assured me they wouldn't, and still wouldn't let my butt back in),13,15,17,18, and sometimes 24!

As for 25, I read the Shades trilogy before I even knew what it was...a couple of months before it became so insanely popular. And I still don't get why it is so insanely popular! I did read the Twilight series way, way late...finally gave into the pressure and I actually really did enjoy them. Haven't read the others.

And number 20? Holy crap!

@dkotucker said...

We actually have a lot in common except for the two involving federal offenses or at least I don't think I know anyone?!? Youza.

I remember memorizing my DL too! Haaahaaa!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Oh my goodness! You should write a book about knowing those people. Curiousity about felons totally sells! Especially one being a girl scout. I'm glad she didn't knock on my door to sell me cookies!!

Fritter said...

WOW! What a life you have led my friend!! I need to think about if there are even 25 things remotely this interesting about me.

Unknown said...

This is seriously very interesting. We have teen braces and a dislike of milk and breakfast food in common. I have to confess that I've never tried an artichoke heart. They just look so...ew. But if you love 'em, I'll have to give them a try!

Sanstrousers said...

Holy crap, what's with all the murder and whatnot?!

Terri Sonoda said...

7, 13, 15, 18 and 24. That's what we have in common. And I really hate driving across suspension bridges. I don't know why. They're gorgeous to look at. From a distance!

LA Botchar said...

Kicked out of a country bar isn't that bad -- I was kicked out of Bible Camp!! Keeping that on the "QT"

Never had plastic surgery and I am pissed about that. Honestly, after 3 C sections you should just get a free tummy tuck. Ditto on breast-lift after nursing 3 babies.

I worked in a male prison.

I've never read any of those books either. I imagine I might get to some of them (not 50 Shades ever), but for now - meh, I'll watch the movie if I am overcome by curiousity.

And finally...um, oh yes - I've eaten Girl Guide cookies for years. close enough right?

Jackie said...

Will you dish? What kind of plastic surgery? I'm hoping for a tummy tuck/lipo combo in a few years. You know, the mommy makeover?!?
The only time there is such a thing as too much garlic is when you have indigestion associated with pregnancy which is now. Thank GOD for Tums!
Finally, I think you should give Hunger Games a chance. The others, well, humph, forget about those, but HG was actually fairly good.

Kim@Co-Pilot Mom said...

I had braces, too. Twice. Once in my late teens and then again in my mid-twenties after my dog ate my retainer. (True story.)

Robbie K said...

Even stranger is that I met the murderers through girl scouts.

Robbie K said...

I knew we had a lot in common but it's even more than expected! Funny that they wouldn't let you back in the bar months later. I'm sure there is more to the story...

Robbie K said...

No wonder I like you so much.

Robbie K said...

hahaha about the cookie selling murderer. I actually met both of them thru girl scouts.

Robbie K said...

It makes for some great stories that is for sure.

Robbie K said...

I was trying to think outside the box of about me things. You really must try artichoke hearts.

Robbie K said...

Yeah for having so much in common. I would probably have a full blown panic attack if I had to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Robbie K said...

Kicked out of Bible Camp-now that's a story I want to hear.

I think tummy tucks should come with c-sections but can we make it free after 2 since that's how many I had.

Robbie K said...

I will probably post about it someday but I had a reduction mamoplasty aka downsized the fun bags.

Robbie K said...

twice? You poor thing. What's the rest of the retainer eating dog story?