Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short and Sweet

Big Yankee (aka Husband) arrived yesterday. We haven't seen him in 64- yes SIXTY FOUR days. There is a whole lotta back story (like a years worth) regarding our current situation which I will cover in excruciating detail in another post.

During his absence I have had to do many things outside of my normal duties. For the most part I am fully capable of completing these tasks but he has always been here to do them for us. I am much more appreciative of those things now. 

1. Changing light bulbs

He isn't called Big Yankee for nothing. He is TALL! As in 6 feet 6 inches tall. He barely has to stretch to change a light bulb. I on the other hand have to haul in a ladder from the garage and then I have to stand on it. This presents an extreme challenge due to my fear of heights and I tend to avoid it.

Sometimes I crawl on a counter and I usually end up breaking the orb of light. I am not a fan of the clean-up involved though it happens more often than I care to admit. (last occurrence Friday afternoon)

2. Getting the donuts

I never really cared for donuts. I am the opposite of a breakfast person. But then we lived in Southern California and I was knocked up  pregnant and Big Yankee would bring home piping hot donuts when he came home from work at midnight ..chocolate iced kreme filled. I fell in love with Krispy Kreme.

We  have been in the midwest for the last six years and now it is an hour round trip to get THE donuts. Yes there are several donut shops much closer but they suck do not compare. A few Sundays a month we splurge. There is something about someone else bringing donuts home that makes me feel a bit like a princess.

Today he got the donuts. I <3 my donut getting Big Yankee.

3. Dusting the ceiling fans

We have tall ceilings and I am deathly afraid of heights a bit uncomfortable on ladders. I may have mentioned this ten thousand times once or twice. The ceiling fans have not been dusted for 64 days and have become home to a herd of dust bunnies. Our house is on the market. Do you see where I am going with this? Can you guess what is on his to-do list during his too short visit?

4. Handling technological issues

Those who know me well are fully aware that I am technologically challenged. I use my cell to talk and  text (and that is a somewhat recent development). I have required Einstein's assistance to print a document. Stinkbug (4 yr old) is more skillful than I am in all things Wii. For the past 2 weeks we haven't been able to get local channels on the tv in our bedroom. I have been making do with tivo'd shows and Netflix. No point in me calling Direct TV customer assistance since turning the tv on and off is the extent of my skills.

He called them today and local channels are up and running.

Now excuse me while I nosh on my Krispy Kreme crack donuts while sitting under my freshly dusted ceiling fan basking in the glow of bright new light bulbs and watching local channels on my bedroom tv.

What does your Significant Other do that you appreciate?

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