Friday, January 13, 2012

Why? Why? Why?

Can someone please explain to me

Why my almost 5 year old STILL does not sleep through the night?

Why my 8 year old wakes me up at 3:13 am to tell me she can't sleep and then proceeds to wake up her big brother because she is SCREAMING that she can't sleep?

Why they yell "Mom? Mom? Mom? MOMMMMMMMMM!" and then when I come running they say "oh just wondering where you are."

Why my 10 year old can't remember to turn off the light when he leaves the room but can remember detailed information about an obscure documentary he watched?
Why I still can't go to the bathroom by myself?

Why they have no use for me until the phone rings and it is an important long distance call from a friend I haven't talked to in months?

Why the macaroni and cheese she has lived on for the last 7 years she now declares  disgusting?


Life As Wife said...

Kids are too smart for their own good hah!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

My why question is, "Why do you hound me for 30 mins while I'm on the phone and then as soon as I hang up you disappear?!"

Meg@Domesticated-ish said...

Because I said so?
Because nobody ever said life was fair?

I have no idea, but those are the answers we are supposed to give them right?