Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Enough Options

We went looking for rental houses today since it is very unlikely our house will sell before the end of May. Since we have to budget for a mortgage and a rent payment and we aren't independently wealthy our budget is limited. This SUCKS! We looked inside three places today.

One was so hideously decorated inside I wanted to shower the ugliness off. They actually allowed each of their children to paint whatever color they wanted (think lime green ugliness, neon yellow). By the looks of it the children did the ACTUAL painting. Yeah, it was THAT bad. Combine that with the plaid and floral borders in the bathrooms and kitchen, several different kinds of carpet (though all new) and it was epitome of ugliness.

We drove by at least 43 7 others and none of them were worth looking inside. House hunting is further complicated by schools...and which ones we want our kids to attend. Trying to find a rental house within the school boundaries we hope to buy a home is proving nearly impossible. Renting outside of those boundaries means ANOTHER new school for the kids in a year. 

We have put them through more than enough these last 2 years and we can't possibly do this to them. I hate feeling like we have no choice. I hate that our house hasn't sold yet and our budget isn't a bit bigger. I hate feeling like I have to make a decision NOW or risk losing a house...though we have 2 1/2 months before the kids and I will actually be living here. 

Oh, and just to keep things interesting, #1 house is listed for sale and will remain on the market. So while the agent doesn't foresee it selling in the next 6 months there is always that possibility. Also, we will have to be ready for a showing with 24 hours notice. So really same shit, different state for me.

Where's my easy button?

Happy Anniversary to Shell!


Diane said...

That house you described sounds like the one on that sitcom, The Middle, on ABC. Have you seen it? I love that show but every time I watch it I cringe at the sight of their house/wall colors!

Hang in there. Hey, have you tried getting on one of those HGTV shows to see if they can get your house sold? There seem to be a ton of them these days! ;)

And if you find out where to get one of those EASY buttons, give me the scoop!

Missy | Literal Mom said...

I wouldn't mind having an easy button every now and then, but with this story? You can use it first. :)

Shell said...

Ugh. So frustrating!

Amber Page Writes said...

Yeesh. That sucks! I am going to go ahead and hope you get one of those miraculously unexpected offers and your house sells in two weeks flat.

Robbie K said...

YES...that house was straight out of The Middle! If I find an easy button I will send one your way!

Robbie K said...

Thanks for letting me go first! :)

Robbie K said... my redneck friends say "put a fork in me I AM DONE!"

Robbie K said...

Thanks I would love that kind of miracle!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Oh my goodness!! You do need an Easy button! What the heck?! It is way past time for you all to catch a break!!