Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fragments

I've been easing back in to life as a work outside the home parent. I'm excited to be on the ground floor of a brand new program and will love it even more when I make weekly home visits to my babies and toddlers. For the most part I can make my own hours unless I have a scheduled training-which will be plentiful over these first few months.

So far Big Yankee and I have managed to work around each other's schedules which means we don't have to fork out the big buck$ for child care. Since this won't always be the case, we found a fantastic teenage babysitter to fill in the gaps. Stinkbug is in LOVE with her and has harassed us for the last week insisting that I have a training and we need to call her. He even picks up his toys in preparation for her visits.

I experienced the first of many awkward co-worker moments when my office mate asked me "so what are they paying you?" Too bad I didn't answer, "Of I'm getting  paid noneya....none ya damn business how much!"  Any awkward work moments or nightmare co-worker stories you care to share?

It's getting harder and harder to drag these monkeys out of the house. I'm torn between letting them chill and be homebodies and dragging them kicking and screaming to the library program so they don't turn in to the neighborhood recluses. Any ideas?

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Marie Bee said...

Ugh awkward co worker moments. I have a co worker that shares a BIT too much of his personal life. TMI dude. Also...he ate my lunch once. Co workers suck sometimes.