Friday, May 31, 2013

Fractured Friday #44

I am TIRED. My house is wreck and no one in this house can ever find a pair of clean, matching socks. 

I lost my debit card so I had to break into a one bowling pin bank, a hot wheels money basket and discreetly remove five bucks from a forgotten Valentine's Day card in order to finance my dinner with the ladies.

I live in fear that my kids will discover my crime before I can cover it up. 

My youngest graduated kindergarten today and words cannot describe the ADORABLENESS. Their rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame was heart melting I tell ya. Class of 2025--we need to work on a clever jingle that is Mom approved.

If you have a daughter who is graduating pre-k or kindergarten and sporting a fancy dress or skirt I AM BEGGING you to accessorize with shorts or some frilly bottoms or ANYTHING. This becomes even more important if your kid is on the front row. Trust me on this. Or better yet-send her in a cute pair of capri pants.

Big Yankee is working for the weekend...which is standard around here. Now that I'm not schelping kids to weekend soccer tournaments anymore we can enjoy some down time at Case de Loco-which really means we can plan the shit out of the weekend so they don't get bored and fight and drive me nuts or discover that their banks and money baskets and cards from beloved grandparents have been ransacked. 

On deck for the weekend- we're hosting a sleepover which will involve pizza, soccer, Wii, Minecraft, little sleep and tweenage boys.

Saturday we will head out to an AMAZING private country club lake for a picnic with friends. There are canoes and fancy paddle boats and fishing and lifeguards and brand new super comfortable chairs and young ladies in khaki shorts and polos who walk around taking orders and fetching cups of ice. I knew I found my people last week when our planning involved who will bring the watermelon and what to put in the flask.

What's up for your weekend?


Jennifer Hall said...

I will my weekend will consist of some yard work, tacos and least. Have no idea what else might occur. :-)

Robbie K said...

We have taco tuesday around here. Do you enjoy yard work?

RACHEL TaoOfPoop said...

Oh...can I relate to the search for matching socks. But a picnic is much more important in the scheme of things than matching socks! :)

SouthMainMuse said...

I spent this morning exercising with a friend. Coffee on the porch with my husband and then puttering around with my vegetable garden and my husband. It was wonderful. Know you are having fun at that party.

anotherjennifer said...

It was HOT today, so we were poolside. It was a kiddie pool fully of grassy water, but that's ok. It kept the boys cool and entertained while I relaxed in the shade. B-day parties and lacrosse tomorrow!

Robbie K said...

We don't need no stinkin' socks right? I like your priorities :)

Robbie K said...

Exercising sounds productive and fun! It's something I need to be doing more of!

Robbie K said...

Poolside is great in my book...kiddie pool or not! At least you got to chill in the shade.