Monday, May 27, 2013

Listicle Lovin'

Happy 100th Listicle to Stasha!! I don't really remember how I found Listicles or how long I've been linking up but I do know that I LOVE LISTICLES!

10. Listicles make me think of popsicles which reminds me of my second pregnancy when I was horribly ill and real fruit popsicles were all I could manage to eat.

9. You can respond with one word answers or detailed, rambling sentences that go on and on and on and give way more information than required but which you feel are necessary to make your point.

8. They lead you to hilarious, wonderful, talented people.

7. They bring joy to Mondays!

6. You can suggest a listicle topic and become famous.

5. It's often a great excuse for a long, wandering trip down memory lane.

4. You can add your own twist.

3. No joiners fee or contracts required.

2. There's no dress code.



Melissa@Home on Deranged said...

I like that you just introduced me to Listicles! Now to just come up with nine more...(can you hear the rocks shaking around in my head?)

Wayne W Smith said...

A great list! Happy 100.

Rory Bore said...

#2 no dress code!! LOL
and believe me, most Mondays, that's a very good reason indeed!!

Kelly said...

#3!!! fun list!!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Love #9, #8 so true!. I've love all the listicles but this one is kinda my favorite.

Fritter said...

Yours are always awesome. Not kidding. Glad you're back :)

@dkotucker said...

Yay...she's back! :D

WOW...all great points!!! Number 3 gave me a good chuckle...that's a real pet peeve of mine.

Karen Hug-Nagy said...

I like #2 no dress code!

Marie said...

Fun! And yes, popsicles! What other word ends in "sicles" anyway?

CLR said...

Popsicles! Ha ha! I thought that too!

And hey, on my list, I include being barefoot. Favorite! :)

Robbie K said...

ahh so that's what that loud noise was! Hope you linked up!

Robbie K said...

Thanks and back atcha!

Empty Nester said...

I totally agree with all of those! said...


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