Thursday, August 22, 2013

After Midnight

The clock says 12:44 a.m. and still I cannot sleep. It's so desperately needed and yet cannot be found. We've been back from vacation for eight days and I still feel like an alien visiting from another planet. 

As much as I am ready for the structure of school starting I despise getting in back to school mode. Bedtimes are the WORST. We are night owls by nature and because of the logistics of work and life the kids go to bed after eleven--even the six year old. This leaves me staying up until well after midnight even if i am working early the next day. We should have started back to school bedtime a few weeks ago but we were in a different time zone & traveling & shacking up with various family and friends. It just didn't make sense to even try. I am pleased to report all minors were in bed and asleep by 10:45 but there is still a long way to go. We have eleven more days until school starts and so do seven a.m. wake up calls.

Join the fun!


Fritter said...

Bedtime here is so frustrating too. In the summer it was rough because it wasn't dark until far past 11pm! Hope you adjust soon and can find your groove. I still need to recover from family visiting :)

Tamara Camera said...

I really struggle with the transition from summer to school. Two more weeks! Hope we all adjust soon.

Robbie K said...

I just love the slower pace of it all. Good luck adjusting!