Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Senseless Crap

Stasha wanted us to list the impractical this week...which was more difficult than I ever would have imagined it would be for me. I was extremely repulsed by some of these images and couldn't keep going with my list.

-8 ounce Coca-Cola cans
We ALL know that isn't a refreshing drink--it's a SWALLOW.

- Ruffled evening wear

-sumo wrestlers posing as end tables

-buying and trying to flip this fixer-upper

There are no words for the creepy, ick factor of these shoes



@dkotucker said...

I can see why you couldn't keep going. YOUZA!!!

Anonymous said...

I just threw up in my mouth looking at those... shoe-thingys.

RACHEL TaoOfPoop said...

I am so LOLing! This is hilarious! Where in the world did you find all of these? Priceless, really priceless.

Anonymous said...

You know, that ox pulling a wagon with a truck cap on it is actually clever. It's sturdy and keeps out the elements. Otherwise, it is run by all-natural fuel.