Saturday, October 25, 2014

SOC: Fancy Club

I am trying to get back in the blogging groove and linking up with Jaime for five minutes of free writing is just how I need to kick off the Saturday morning. I whipped up some chocolate chip muffins--from a mix--and baked them in foil baking cups. StinkBug was VEEEERY impressed with both my skills and presentation. He informed me "You're part of the FANCY club now!" It cracks me up when he talks in air quotes. 

We are of to a Halloween carnival this morning at the local community college and then thrifting for an old lady costume for Peanut. Yes I do realize the Halloween party is tonight and that I have waited until the last possible minute. Unfortunately this is the first possible free minute we've had to shop for it. That and she couldn't make up her mind.

Sometimes five minutes zooms by and other times it drags. Right now it it halfway in between. I should be cleaning for the in-laws visit and packing for my work conference next week but sometimes I just want to take things slow and enjoy the moments.

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