Sunday, November 2, 2014

Five Random Facts

I was inspired by Tracy of Sellabit Mum to go ol' school blogging and divulge five random things about myself.

1. Six years ago I had plastic surgery. It was life-changing and one of those things I have always meant to blog about.

2. I was PAINFULLY shy as a child. Unbelievably quiet. When I was four or five my mom had a meeting at church and took me and my baby brother to the child care to be supervised by some sweet ladies. I was very freaked out about being alone so they allowed me to stay in the nursery with my chunky baby brother. I was too shy to tell anyone I needed to go to the bathroom and I didn't know where it was so I sat in a little wooden chair, peed my pants and eventually stood up and started playing again. Suffice to say the puddle of pee was discovered as were my soggy pants.

3. I have an extreme fear of heights that has only gotten worse as I have gotten older. I am quite certain I had a panic attack when my friends and I were in NYC and going on the High Line. One minute I was walking up the stairs and taking deep breaths to psych myself up. Suddenly I started sweating, getting dizzy and sick to my stomach and I burst into uncontrollable tears. I was frozen and felt a desperate need to escape. I eventually made it up with the help and encouragement of a few friends. We ran into Hoda Kotb and she asked us if we wanted to take our picture with her.

4. I am severely directionally challenged. I am utterly confused by North, South, East and West directions. Once I was driving to Fayetteville, Arkansas and ended up in Joplin, Missouri. I don't stress about being lost as I am ALWAYS lost.

5. I strongly dislike sweaters. I find them suffocating, heavy and restrictive.

Please join me in revealing five random facts about yourself!! Feel free to share your link in the comments!

NaBloPoMo November 2014


Vanessa D. said...

I never sweat being lost either - and for the same reason. Sooner or later, I realize I'm going the wrong way and turn around.

Lana said...

I'm so directionally challenged too - and it drives me crazy because I always swear I'm going in the right direction...and then I'm not. Oh well! Can't join you on the sweaters though - one of my favorite items of clothing!

Robbie K said...

I suppose since I never know where I am going to begin with I don't realize I am lost.

SouthMainMuse said...

Thank goodness I don't have a fear of heights -- though I'm not going to be jumping out of an airplane soon. And my husband shares your directional challenges. When we were dating and he was going on job interviews -- the night before we would drive to the office building because he was so freaked out that he wouldn't be able to get there in the morning. This was well before that gal Siri. :)

Jennifer said...

I kind of hate sweaters too. Also afraid of heights. Maybe not quiet as bad as you. But then I don't go to any high places to check it out.