Sunday, November 16, 2014

Playing Hooky

I skipped #NaBloPoMo yesterday. Intentionally. I have 90+ drafts I could have finished and/or cleaned up enough to post. But I didn't. I could have slapped up a picture of our first snow or thrown some random quotes and hit publish. But I didn't. Yesterday was spent connecting. In REAL LIFE. It was amazing and entertaining and invigorating and relaxing and exactly what I needed. I don't feel the least bit guilty for playing hooky. 

I went to a coffee I organized for new members of my Mom's Group. I met at least ten new people...and they met new people and so on and so on. I tell my "I joined this group out of desperation and they saved my life many times" story. I also got to hold several cuddly, cooing babies. Although there are no more babies in my future I will never be done.

We slid across the ice & I took my kids swimming in the afternoon. I will always love the smell of chlorine. A friend joined me and we chatted while the kids splashed and jumped and played mermaids.

Big Yankee was home much earlier than usual for a Saturday night so we all hunkered down and watched The Croods. We need more family time.

I called and texted a few friends I hadn't talked to in ages.

And that, my friends, is why I don't feel guilty for missing one day of #NaBloPoMo


Vanessa D said...

Last Saturday I missed for the same reasons - real socializing - I had friends over for cards and I wasn't cutting the game short so I could post.

John said...

I kind of miss the "National No Blog" day, where bloggers were expected to spend the time that they'd have been blogging on Twitter, or being active in real life, or doing ANYTHING but stressing about a blog post.

Robbie K said...

Vanessa playing games should win over posting any day!!

Robbie K said...

John I haven't heard of National No Blog day but sounds like a great idea to me!