Monday, November 24, 2014

Reasons I Skipped

Did you happen to notice that I took a #NaBloPoMo break? I skipped the weekend. At first it wasn't intentional and I probably could have scrambled to slap up a photo or a quote or something simple. But I didn't want to be disingenuous so I said screw it! Here are some reasons I failed to post:

1. I am not a plan a header.

2. I spent Saturday volunteering at a local social service agency. I interviewed families for holiday about putting life in to perspective.

3. I was recovering from a visit of the state evaluation team for our program. 

4. I went on a date with Big Yankee which is an extremely rare event due to our opposite scheduled, kids, responsibilities, life.

5. I was finishing a final project for Classroom Management and fantasizing about the term ending.


Vanessa D. said...

I've completely wimped out on NaBloPoMo. For some reason, blogging every day made me think I wanted a second blog and it just isn't happening on two every day.

Robbie K said...

WOW!! A second blog??? You are ambitious!!

Alison said...

If you had to skip because of reasons, those are good reasons!

Robbie K said...

:) Thanks! I went into this knowing I would NOT post every single day.