Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Silent Lunch??

The Quest was overflowing with kids (my 3 monkeys + 2 extras) recounting the minute details of their school day.

Einstein pipes up, "I am so awesome I had "the opportunity"" (yes he did use finger quotes) to eat lunch at a special table today."

His comment oozed sarcasm. I have NO IDEA where he gets that. NONE.

"Oh?" I manage to question between bouts of coughing up my lungs.

"Yep I talked in line so I had to sit at the quiet table where we couldn't talk at all."

Whoa..run that heifer by the fence again?

"Were you talking in the hall?" I ask.


Talking in the hall is a colossal violation of school conduct.

They must walk with their hands by their side, eyes looking straight ahead like little militants. They are not to wave or acknowledge their sibling or friends passing through the hallway. Doing so is a punishable offense.

It is however perfectly acceptable for classroom teachers to block traffic and discuss in great detail their plans to see Breaking Dawn in their matching glitter t-shirts.

After further questioning Einstein informs me that they are not permitted to speak while waiting to get their food. If they do they do the power hungry lunch para sentences them to lunch at the QUIET TABLE.

WTH? They can't talk in class. They can't talk in the hallways. They can't talk while waiting for their food.

And we wonder why there are so many behavior problems??

I would love to see the teachers spend 15 minutes waiting in line for coffee and not be able to talk. I would jump at the chance to sentence them to a table in the middle of the teacher's lounge where they are surrounded by others but not permitted to speak or they will lose their planning time.

I told Einstein I would gladly address the issue with the school principal since this is expectation is completely inappropriate and warped. He requested that he be permitted to handle it himself. I can only imagine what that will entail and I look forward to a phone clal from the principal.

Are your children allowed to speak at lunch? What do you think of "silent lunches?"


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

You struck a nerve with me on this one! I'm sick of all of the silence too!! They are kids!! They need to let the energy out of themselves somehow. They have short recess, quiet lunches...sometimes it seems more like prison!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! No wonder these kids get home and act like wild animals.

Is this a private school?

Shana said...

We had a rule like that in elementary school and I remember having to sit at the quiet table once. You're right...it's total crap. They are kids, not robots. It's normal for them to want to talk to their friends. I hope he gives them hell!

Shell said...

Oh, we called that "Silent Lunch." I had never heard of it until I taught down here in the South- and I think it's an awful idea. I never used it on my students. They need some time when they are allowed to just talk.

Diane said...

Yes, we have it and I've always thought it is ridiculous too. This kind of thing is why they come home and act like they animals who have just been set free from their cages!