Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fragments

Welcome to the second installment of my new feature! Hope you'll put up your feet, pour a glass of your favorite poison and feign interest in my random thoughts.

To kick this party into high gear, I want to share some of my favorite reads of the week.

Erica, has started Yeah Write Summer Academy and while I barely made the hangout grid this week I still managed to read EVERY. SINGLE. BLOG.

Go ahead and thank me now.

Reading all of the FANTASTIC is one of the highlights of my week and I want to share some of my personal favorites with you.

Kim's biggest fear is one of my own for different reasons. I was in awe of the punch she packed in 500 words or less. (I didn't count!)

Jennifer's brave, powerful post about taking a stand was heartbreakingly amazing.

It's no wonder this post by Michelle was the jury prize winner. GO. READ. NOW.

I have Shell over at Things I Can't Say to thank for finding this gem by Lea about Remember, remember the Fifth of July. If you don't cry then you aren't human.

Jennifer inspired me with her dinner menus though I'm going to start small and plan two weeks because I'm easily bored and distracted and well, you get the idea.

We spent our first Fourth of July in our new land and it was a far cry from celebrations past but I'll write about that later.

My scale is broken but I'm making no progress in walking/exercising/eating healthier. In fact, I only walked once this week. My birthday is in September and yet I sit here guzzling a beer wallowing in my lack of motivation.

How was your Independence Day?

What were your favorite reads of the week?


Jennifer said...

You read ALL of the posts?! You rock.

{And thanks for including me. I'm honored.}

Robbie K said...

Yes..I'm a bit obsessive that way. I've missed a few weeks here and there but if I don't read them ALL them I don't vote.

Fritter said...

I love it! And I love that you're doing this for people like me who really don't have time to scour the blogosphere.

I also like that you seem to have a well rounded group and not the same old 'clique' that I tend to see RT'ing or 'finding' the same bloggers over and over. Chances are I already subscribe to them, so it gets kind of mundane- KWIM?

And as for an interesting read from me, I found this unique blogger while on my WY journey. She has a LOVELY blog about the outdoors- with focus on fishing and ranching. One recent post I liked is her "What Exactly Is A Florida Cracker":

Fritter said...

*should say 'one recent post I like is her..' ugh. tense.

@dkotucker said...

Beer is a sign on summer. Bring it on!

Oh yea...YOU'RE IT!!! I'm tagging you with the Fabulous Blog Ribbon. Read the details on my last post:

Hope you will play! Diane

Michelle Longo said...

Thank you for the shout out! I really, really appreciate it!!

Robbie K said...

one of my favorite things about link-ups is discovering new reads and I like to share :0 I will definitely check out the Florida Cracker one.

Robbie K said...

of course I'll play!

Robbie K said...

YW! It was an amazing piece.

Erica M said...

Oh hey! How am I just now seeing this piece of loveliness? Thank you for the shout out! And for being such a faithful part of yeah write.

Robbie K said...

You are most welcome!

Jack said...

I had intended to read them all, but life got in the way. Someone needs to tell work and family to stop interrupting me. ;)