Friday, January 16, 2015

Fractured Friday

I woke up today with a migraine so I took some meds and went back to beg. I woke up feeling worse which sucks because I have to work and I volunteered to watch other people's kids tonight. At least it is Pizza Friday!! I wrote this week but nothing worth publishing. So I didn't. In my half asleep medicated state this morning I dreamed-or perhaps hallucinated that my supervisor surprised me with a trip to Florida and Mexico for a conference. Dare to dream! My real life travel includes a two day Continuous Quality Improvement training two and a half hours away. It means a lovely hotel stay and sharing a room with my co-worker. The joys of working for a non-profit. My head is pounding, my kids have early release today, it's still snowing and Big Yankee is away for work all weekend. Calgon cannot take me far enough away....I NEED WINE!!

What are your random thoughts on this Friday??

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The Sisters' Hood said...

Wine is a given ... always xxxx