Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things About ME!!!

~ I love to read recipe books

~ I love to cook

~ I never follow recipes

~I am a middle child

~I can't sing but I don't let that stop me

~ I have NO sense of direction

~ I lose my keys/debit card/cell phone MANY times a day

~ I despise going barefoot

~I get uncomfortable just thinking about people touching my feet

~I love my feet after a pedicure

~ I get annoyed when people call them pedis

~ I usually require some liquid courage pre-pedicure

~ I don't like pie

~ My favorite books are the ones that make me cry

~ I refuse to even consider reading Twilight or Harry Potter books

~ I never read Boxcar Children books either

~ I finish every book I start

~ I NEVER read the ending early

~ I have an INTENSE fear of heights

~ It seems to be getting worse with age

~ I never watch award shows

~I have lived in 6 states

~Sometimes I don't feel like a grown-up

~ I have never wanted to learn to play piano

1 comment:

Christie tate said...

I want to have coffee with you but no pie and I won't mention pedis!