Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last day of summer

School starts tomorrow.

It's 1:09 and two of my three children are still in pajamas. All of them are sprawled across my bed eating popcorn for lunch and having an Avatar marathon thanks to Netflix.

My house is a wreck. I have yet to shower. I am eating a mini Hershey's Special Dark and pretending to be a mommy blogger.

New backpacks have been purchased, school supplies delivered to the classrooms and teachers have been met.

 For the first time since I have lived in the Land of Oz I am NOT going back to school...no hokey pokey, playing with playdough and developmental assessments for me right now.

It is more than a bit surreal. I was laid off in May. The timing was perfect as I spent an adventurous, (mostly) wonderful summer at home.

For now I will spend my days playing trains and Little People and Legos and painting with Stinkbug. I will be impersonating a stay at home mom with a husband who doesn't live here, trying to sell a house and plan a move across country.

Any and all advice is welcome!


crittersandcrayons said...

Wow- that was a lot of information and it sounds like a lot of transition in a very short post. I wonder how it all worked out! I'm actually visiting your blog because you commented on a guest post of mine at Scary Mommy months ago- They Myth of the Super Mom....You and I apparently have similar laundry afflictions when it comes to putting the clothes away....

Robbie K said...

Glad you came on over to see me! It has definitely been tons of transitions...and sadly that is only about half of them! lol @ our laundry similarities!