Thursday, October 13, 2011

I discovered.............

Since I nothing to do, (what with caring for 3 kids on my own for the past 52 FREAKING DAYS while Big Yankee lives and works halfway across this land is your land, this land is my land AND trying to keep a house show ready AND trying to make minor repairs and improvements to make house more appealing to buyers)  I spent waaay too much time on last night.

If I'm gonna receive Cougar dating spam I better know how to talk to Cougar Candy, right?

Some of my favorites:

Layout bitching
The act of users posting statuses on Facebook, bitching and moaning unecessarily about new layouts.

feed bankruptcy is the result of being away from social media for so long that it is impossible to catch up on all the posts in your feed since you were last logged on.

Get an inbox
Derived from the expression "get a room." When couples constantly leave romantic, mushy or suggestive messages on each other'sFacebook wall for everyone else to see, someone else may tell them to "get an inbox already" and carry on in private.

Hype aversion

Rejection of an insanely popular idea, game, show, place etc. simply because it is so insanely popular.
I'm enjoying season three of 'Lost'." "Season three came out four or five years ago." "I know, I suffer from hype aversion."


When you complain about something for the sole purpose of brining it up in conversation to brag about it.
Man, I'm only getting 10MB/s download speed. Normally I get at least 15.

What are your favorite phrases or words?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

humblebrag, add to cart, toothpaste hangover, sore winner, backseat browser (my favorite)...check them out on urban dictionary

Robbie K said...

I love learning new words and phrases:)
Now can I pull them off w/o looking like a neomaxiezoomdweebie?

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Fo shizzle! (I think that means...for sure you can) ;-)