Saturday, November 26, 2011

Please don't give the teacher....................

It's that time of year when out of obligation appreciation we feel the need to bestow fabulous gifts upon our children's teachers. Having taught pre-k for 12 years I have a few suggestions.

What NOT to give:

-Another cheesy little apple/ I Heart Teaching/#1 Teacher mug
 (unless you know for a fact that she/he is an avid coffee drinker obsessed with apple mugs) Hard as it may be for some people to believe there are those people who think coffee is the most disgusting, vile beverage in existence are not coffee drinkers. Anyone who has taught twenty minutes probably has cabinets full of ugly mugs. Filling it with fancy chocolate or adorable gel pens doesn't disguise the fact that it is still a useless, dust collecting, coffee mug.

-Stuffed animals
 (unless you know for  fact she collects something completely awesome & unique SOCK MONKEYS for example). These will just collect dust and get tossed in the Goodwill bag. 

these are weirdly amusing though right?

-Home baked goods
(unless she/he raves on and on about your homemade banana nut bread and starts dropping hints at Open House that she desperately seeks calorie laden treats for the holidays) If you do bring in homemade treats for the teacher I beg you not to insist she try a bite in front of your child. I am confident that me gagging and retching on a piece of your specialty coconut, banana streusel pineapple upside down sticky nut pumpkin roll will scar your precious son (and me) for life. It is just too allergies, food preferences and while you may find it adorable that your long haired Himilayan cat Precious "helps" you bake I find it repulsive. 

-Religious/political books/gifts
This is not appropriate if your child attends a public school. While you may not agree there is the whole separation of church and state thing. This type of gift is both presumptuous and can be offensive. Also please PLEASE JUST SAY NO to Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

-Christmas ornament with your kids picture on it
Who wants to have their worst nightmare (because it it always THOSE kids who give this gift) haunt them the entire winter break? The teacher probably has her own kids or grandkids whose photo ornaments she is required to hang in order to maintain family harmony. 

How do you feel about teacher gifts?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

This is hysterical! Make sure you post this on Twitter for everyone that needs to buy for a teacher. I was cracking up! We typically give gift cards from the whole class but there are those few people who want to do "something" on their own and it is always something that falls onto the list you just made. So funny!!

Jack said...

One of my family members received a very ugly scarf and the worst smelling perfume imaginable. it made me wonder if the gift was supposed to be a gag or insult gift in disguise.

Anna said...

great tips, off to return my scented #1 teacher photo ornaments :)

Cristy S said...

We give gift cards. My child is in middle school now, which means more teachers. We give Sonic gift cards. We also give small box of chocolates on Valentine's Day.