Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things that won't be hanging from my tree

For the male exotic dancer in the family

Nothing shows your peace and good will towards man like a gun dangling from your Douglas Fir.

I like bacon...cooked bacon for breakfast...not on my tree.

This is JUST. SO. WEIRD.

Stocking stuffed with bloodied leg of gingerbread boy-not exactly visions of sugar plums.


Diane said...

Yeah, you won't see any of that mess on my tree either though I hope my boys never see those bacon ornaments in a store because that is exactly the kind of decor they could get behind!

Jennifer said...

The fireman mermaid made me spit out my diet coke. Too funny! Love your blog!

SurferWife said...

These are all friggin hilair. I need every single one.

Shana said...

Who doesn't have a fire/merman ornament?

Those are awesome.