Monday, November 28, 2011

Please don't give the teacher Part 2

-Starbucks gift card
(Unless you see her gripping a Starbucks cup on a daily basis) There are those of us who think coffee is foul, raunchy liquid goo don't drink coffee. Now if you were to slap a red ribbon on a 12 pack of Coca Cola your kid might just might  somehow be given an additional opportunity to be line leader.

- Scented Candles
This gift says "I felt obligated to get you something but I didn't want to put any thought or money into it." It also says "your classroom/house stinks." Some people are overly sensitive to certain scents. If you were to gift me a vanilla or coffee/latte/pumpkin scented pillar of light you just might find yourself with a iced mocha latte scented black eye.

what grown adult would wear this by choice?

Anyone else think 2 of these ladybugs might be in an awkward position? Who wants attention drawn to their saggy ladybugs?

No! Just NO!

-Clothes Wouldn't you feel a bit awkward asking your child's teacher what size they wear? And if you do your best guess it's going to be too big or too small which translates to "I think you are fat and outta shape or I think you are the size of a house." The teacher will feel obligated to wear it so your snot nosed little brat will stop whining every day "when are you gonna wear my shirt?" She might end up getting beat up in the teacher's lounge and do you really, REALLY want that on your conscience?

Can we all just agree that thongs are not an appropriate teacher gift? For the slow learners ,let's just go ahead and put all types of undergarments on the DO NOT BUY LIST!

This takes 100 Day of School celebration to a whole new level. Please don't go there!
Wrong. So.Very.Wrong.


Shell said...

This cracks me up! I so agree, though. No weird teacher gifts!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Oh my! Those thongs are just wrong!! I can't believe someone actually makes money on them. You had me cracking up as usual!!

Adventures in Alyssaland said...

Funny. What had me click on this link was the Starbucks image. I LOVE coffee.

Visiting form Weekend Linkup,

shelton keys dunning said...

Hahaha. I received pantyhose from a third grade student once, and I was just a volunteer teaching sign language. That was an interesting Christmas. But I wouldn't have traded any of those awkward gifts for anything.

Anonymous said...

Nasty! I think we stuck to chocolates and the occasional bottle of whisky. :)