Monday, December 19, 2011

Making a List & Checking it Twice

Here's the list I wrote yesterday and even I am impressed with how much I accomplished! Check me out:

Things I hope to accomplish in 2011

1. Get a haircut. I haven't had  one since June.

2. Bake at least one item for the holidays
**Made oreo balls for Brownie cookie exchange. I had to melt almond bark so going to consider it baking

3. Mail a few Christmas cards
** Mailed 4 cards that I had already addressed when I dragged StinkBug and his buddy to post office in torrential downpour

4. Put my new license plate on the Quest

5. Remove trash from Quest

6. Find the mail key
**Found Sunday night on the hook..where it belongs (swear it was NOT there when I wrote this)

7. Shave my legs
**One step closer as I purchased razors when I dragged 4 kids to Helmart on Sunday afternoon with 7000 other people

8. Pay it forward anonymously
**Rescued a stranger when her car broke down in the pouring rain on a busy road this afternoon. I happen to glance over and saw her car stalled. She started getting out of her car and I rolled down my window to see if I could help. She hopped in and I drove her to a convenient store around the corner so she could call for help.  

9. Ding Dong Ditch one of my neighbors
**Treats purchased & waiting for rain to let up so ding dongs don't float away

10. Finish my Christmas shopping
**Bought 3 more presents today..not finished but it's a start. BTW, I wore clothes.


Carrie said...


Get on it, have all but demolished that list.

I want whatever it is you're sipping.

Jennifer said...

Oreo balls? Yes please.

Good job on your list!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Okay, in my opinion, you kicked that list's bum! I wish I lived close so you could leave Ding Dong's or Oreo balls on my doorstep. This holiday has turned me into a junk food junkie...even though I am sick I am still finding a way to eat it all!