Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If you have kids you probably know this book

which pretty much sums up my Monday.

 It started off with great promise and who wouldn't love late start Mondays? Monkeys didn't want to participate in Breakfast with Santa at school so we went out for donuts. We made it to school with 30 seconds to spare but no one was screaming or crying so I'll count that as a win. Stinkbug had his friend over for about 3 hours in the morning and I managed to strike a balance between productivity and slacking.

Then I got the bright idea to go to Helmart for snacks for our Brownie meeting and some craft supplies. Gotta strap on the feedbag and get our craft AWN! Big Yankee called en route and since I  don't give a crap can never remember if it is legal to talk on a handheld phone while driving I put it on speaker as I noticed 2 police cars behind me. One of the patrol cars eventually turned and the other followed me for at least 10 blocks.

You may recall last week I attempted to renew my drivers license. You know how this is going to end don't you? The officer was very nice and didn't seem at all annoyed when I had to call in a search and rescue team to locate my expired driver's license. Fortunately he didn't seem to notice that initially. This is probably due to the fact that he was concerned with my expired out of state car tags. I produced 4 proof of insurance cards...none of which were current. He said he wasn't even going to worry about that.

I acted shocked that my driver's license was expired and started explaining how we had lived in 2 states in the last 13 months and that Big Yankee was actually living in the 3rd state and we were just trying to figure out WTH to do. I ended up with a ticket for 2 violations and instructions to go to Walmart and go home. He told me to get it taken care of ASAP and the courts will be more likely to be lenient. Lucky me I get to kick off the new year with a municipal court appearance.

The likelihood of having to fork over a boat load of money led me to start freaking out about my unemployment--which ended last week. Because everyone knows the BEST time to lose your only source of income is less than 3 weeks before Christmas. I have completed all the paperwork for the next tier of benefits and now it's a waiting game.

Oh and Peanut and StinkBug's beloved betta fish, Rocko is trying to up and die on us. Every time she walks into her room she bursts into tears or just sits there with tears rolling down her face as she watches Rocko struggle to swim right side up.

I just don't think I can do this.


Shana said...

I'm sending you some good thoughts and I hope your Tuesday is going better than your Monday.

Missy said...

Dude, seriously. I hope Tuesday has been better!