Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teacher Gifts

A few years ago our PTO started sending out holiday wish lists for the teachers. I thought it was a FANFREAKINGTASTIC idea however many, many people found it to be horribly offensive.

I just didn't get it. Clearly the teachers were sick to death of cheesy apple themed mugs and scented candles. Why not give them things they needed and wanted? Anyone who knows a teacher knows that we spend lots of our own money on classroom supplies. Why not give something useful?

It's not like they were asking for spa certificates and $100 bottles of booze. It was very clear that the items were for classroom use--dry erase markers, card games for indoor recess, highlighters, fun stickers, glue sticks, books for the classroom library, sanitizing wipes, and Sharpie markers were among their extravagant requests.

Peanut was in Kindergarten at the time and had a blast shopping for her teacher. We made an adorable gift bag filled with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, beads, pompoms and glue sticks. All for a lot less than some nasty scented candle and funky looking teddy bear sporting a #1 Teacher shirt.

Thanks to our PE teacher I discovered the world of duct tape. He goes thru a ton of it setting up obstacle courses, teaching positions in sports etc. We had a blast picking out several different colors and patterns and didn't have to struggle with the awkward "what the heck kinda gift do we get for a male teacher?"

What are your thoughts on the teacher wish lists? Love it or deeply offended? Why?


Mitzi Green said...
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Angela said...

i think it's an awesome idea for exactly the reasons you said. if you don't want to (or can't afford to) buy teacher gifts, there's no mandate--a wish list is just that--a "hey, if you're thinking about buying teacher gifts, here's some ideas that would make them do cartwheels and not be a waste of your time and money." people get way too bent out of shape about the whole gift business. just another reason why i hate november and december.

Angela said...

and by the way, i freakin LOVE sharpies, and i subbed this week for someone whose sharpie collection made me absolutely swoon.

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Love the teacher's wish list! OUr teachers put one out around Valentine's day. That way they don't gain five hundred pounds on all of the candy that would usually be given to them. At Christmas time, we chip in as a class and give them a Visa gift card so they can use it on whatever they want, whereever they want.

KLZ said...

I would be offended if my mother-in-law sent me a wish list that I had not solicited.

If a teacher sent me one? I'd be thrilled.

Boy Mom said...

I'm a teacher too and I LOVE the wish list idea. See my blog post about teacher gifts, I know you feel my pain! Heck, I just love a Dr. Pepper from Sonic at this point, and not another apple ornament. Love your blog!