Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Then and Now

When I WOH January-May this was my life:

5:00 am Alarm blaring, drag ass outta bed, shower and get ready for the day

6:15 am Warm up car, Wrap Stinkbug in a blanket and take to Ms. L's home child care. Lay him on couch, adjust blanket exactly, kiss on forehead and rush out the door.

7:20-4 Teach 22 at-risk preschool kiddos
            complete developmental screenings, particpate in IEP meetings, make referrals, prepare for and participate in case review meetings, conduct classroom team meetings, collect and assemble work samples for children's portfolios, plan, prepare & implement daily lesson plans aligned to state early childhood standards, plan and conduct monthly parent meeting held in the evening (my own children not allowed to attend) periodically provide childcare during parent meetings..since I have already spent 8 hours with their kids and away from mine...what's a few more? You get the idea.

4:30 Rush to pick up StinkBug & run any errands that can't wait

5:30 Home to cook dinner, play with StinkBug, laundry, keep house meticulously clean for showings, call Einstein & Peanut (who are living out of state w/Big Yankee) to say goodnight, do any work I brought home

10-fall into bed exhausted but unable to sleep, missing my 2 kids and husband and counting the hours until Friday at 8 pm when they will be home.

11:00 take some sleep meds.

 Wake up groggy with an emptiness in my heart

Repeat Monday-Friday

Now (laid off/commuter marriage)

6:50 alarm goes off 7:50 on Mondays (I'm gonna mouth kiss ya late start mondays!)

stretch, yawn, roll-over consider getting up

7/8 am...Rub Einstein's back, ask if he needs a few more minutes
              Stroke Peanut's hair ask is she is ready to get up

Crawl into bottom bunk and chat with a sleepy Einstein for a few minutes. Go into Peanut's room and curl up in bed with her.

Help with breakfast if necessary. Log onto computer. Pack one lunch. Kids are ready early sent them to watch tv.

Sit down on couch and mentally plan my day. Stinkbug is awake now, crawls out into living room pretending to be a dog. He crawls into my lap and talks about Christmas tree and stories behind our various ornaments. We sing Jingle Bells together.

Start car. Consider strapping on over the shoulder bolder holder..decide against. Put hair in clip, grab jacket and carry pj clad StinkBug to cozy car. Drive 5 minutes to school. Hugs, kisses, have a good day. Return home and tackle my to-do list (or not)

8 am Hang out with StinkBug. Call to invite his friend over. Laugh as they drag EVERY SINGLE FISHER PRICE TOY into the living room and stage a tornado. Blog and do other very important things on the internet. Extremely Important Stuff. Fix a snack for kids. Attend to various household chores. Fix lunch. Play playdough. Plan Brownie meeting. Shower & get dressed. Who cares if it's 2 o'clock?

3:30 Pick up Big Monkeys and various other children from school. Transport to various art classes. Host a house full of neighborhood kids. Make dinner. Homework, baths, bed.

Call Big Yankee to say goodnight. Miss him terribly.

9:00 Breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when the monkeys are sleeping soundly.

Watch tv, read, do VERY IMPORTANT THINGS on the computer until I feel like going to bed.

Text Big Yankee. Wonder how long we can keep this up?

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Jayton said...

wow that laundry pile must be a downer when u get home from work...hello from ICLW