Friday, January 20, 2012

How a House Showing Is Like a First Date

First Date: You pick out the perfect outfit...the one that makes you look and feel good.

House Showing: You showcase your home's strengths and try to camouflage it's flaws.

First Date: You apply just the right amount of your signature perfume.

House Showing: You search your Scentsy stash for the exact scent that emmulates "Buy my house buy my house!"

First Date: You text your friends about your hot date and say "Hope he's the one."

House Showing: You text your friends about your house showing and say, "Hope their the ones!"

First Date: Afterwards you stalk text your mutual friend to see what HE thought.

House Showing: Afterwards you stalk your email for the showing feedback.

First Date: When he doesn't call you back you think "Screw it I didn't like him anyway!"

House Showing: When you don't get an offer you think, "Screw it, we didn't want them to live here anyway!"

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