Friday, January 27, 2012


Do you know @jillsmo? YOU SHOULD. You can find her over at Yeah. Good Times. She makes me laugh and cry. And think.

Last night she posed a question to twitterverse...
Blogging poll: I have 29 unfinished posts in my drafts folder. How many do you have?

I tweeted back..39 and I've only been blogging consistently since October. What's that say about me?

Guess what -I WON!!!!! 

Being a slacker finally paid off!

Picture me, running down the aisle, hands waving, high fiving, hugging random strangers (especially strapping young studmuffins), screaming like a banshee, sporting my college alma mater hoodie. 
Oh wait, I DIDN'T get called to Contestants Row on The Price Is Right?

Umm, well. Okay. 


Yeah this is AWKWARD, isn't it? 

Extremely awkward.

I may or may not have DEMANDED  bashfully suggested that I should be given a small token of recognition. The great ARTEEST (you HAVE to say it like sounds more glamorous and exotic which I am sure @jillsmo is) came up with a FABULOUS prize for me!

A crown and sash with glitter

Drumroll please!

I was awarded...wait for it, wait for it.....

My mom will be so proud. I can't wait to tell her. 

Maybe I should call her?

Yeah I'll call her.


Don't you just LOVE the picture Jill made for me? She said it's glitter not a funky rash.

What would you win at today?


jillsmo said...

It's NOT a funky rash, I PROMISE.

Sara S said...

I was actually deleting my drafts last night, I had like 19, I think I'm down to 10 now... maybe less it felt weird/nice.

DOT said...

Wait a I thought it was a rhetorical question. Had I known there was a prize involved (funky glitter "rash"), I would've tweeted back that I had 39 AND 1/2!!! Drats!

Your blog made me laugh first thing in the morning which isn't exactly easy. Ha! I have now signed up for updates on a total of 2 blogs (yours and jillmso...tee hee). Where have you gals been all my life??? =D

Thanks for starting my day off with a chuckle.

Robbie K said...

lol @ 39 1/2..are you trying to steal my thunder? :)

So glad to be included in the elite group of bloggers that you read. I love @jillsmo too!

Carrie - said...

What would I win at today?

I don't know. Probably bitching. It seems to be one of those weeks.

I'll be honest. I don't save drafts. I write and hit submit. It either flys or it doesn't. If I put too much thought into comes out totally jacked.

And now that I think about it...some I put no thought into at all comes out totally jacked.

That's it. I'm #1 at being totally jacked.

Talk about awkward.

Anna at said...

That's awesome! And congratulations on your big win! :)

Thanks for linking up to finding the funny!