Saturday, January 7, 2012

Junk In My Trunk

Einstein and Peanut are at a sleepover tonight which means StinkBug and I are left to our own devices on a Friday evening. This boy knows how to have a good time -eating spicy chips aka these:

while sitting on the big bed (mine) and having a Team Umi Zoomi marathon.

Is anyone else a bit concerned that two shape obsessed kids and a robot are going to rescue some kid's dad trapped in a subway train near the cake store? What kind of coward risks missing his kid's birthday party because he can't man up and find his own way?

Needless to say I must find ways to amuse myself while remaining in the room per StinkBug's request demand. My aging eyes are too tired to try to read or do VERY. IMPORTANT.THINGS. on the laptop so I found myself rummaging through some of the many junk drawers.

Among the random items I found:

*Christmas present for Big Yankee I ordered in early November that was nowhere to be found when he was here for Christmas (guess who will be going to the post office tomorrow?)

*Wii Sports dvd that Stinkbug has been politely requesting interrogating us about for several weeks

*Target gift card that Peanut received for her July
*Postcards and a necklace still in the gift shop bag bought in New Mexico (also in July) during the Massive Road trip of 2011

*One of those obnoxious flower pens that may or may not have been hijacked from my previous employer

*Copy of one of the monkey's  birth certificates

Confession time: What is in your junk drawers?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

You had me so excited...I thought you found the garage door opener! Finding all of that other stuff is pretty cool though!

Kimberly said...

Oh man...that's like diving into the Bermuda Triangle.
My husband has a way of cleaning that involves jamming random things into a drawer...any drawer.
I've found bottle caps and a sock in the computer drawer once..