Monday, February 13, 2012


I like to think the tellers at my bank start whispering the second they see my dark blue Nissan Quest pull around the corner. I can say with complete certainty uncertainty that they fight over who gets to wait on me. I am absolutely positive that they have created a clever, hilarious game wherein the winner gets to process my transactions.

What? Are you calling me a liar?

I see the way you are furrowing your brow at me!

You don't think I give them somethin' to talk about?  <<cue Bonnie Raitt music>>

You see, on random weekdays I deposit a stash of cash. I have even been known to deposit a wad of George Washingtons (aka one dollar bills). It is never the same amount...sometimes odd sometimes even. I also occassionally deposit out of state checks from several different men. (They happen to be from my husband and my dad).

I am betting the tellers think "minivan momma by day...exotic dancer/kept woman/leading two lives by night."

**In full disclosure the wad of cash is my unemployment benefits which I withdraw from an ATM that spits out only twenty dollar bills.

Who talks about you and what are they saying?


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Too funny! I think parents of any team playing against either of my girls' teams think I should be in a straight jacket and given sedatives!

Robbie K said...

lol...I really want to watch a sporting event with you! Are you that way with all sports or only when your girls play?