Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I like about me:

I wasn't a part of the blogging world last summer when Elena took the place by storm with her fantastic idea of listing  things I like about me. What a fantastic idea to take off the judgey pants, be kind to ourselves and take a close look at where we succeed and and what we like about ourselves! She is doing it again here and I am beyond excited to be a part of it....even though it wasn't an easy list to write!

1. My hair...I have great hair. It's thick.. extremely thick. I can con it into being curly or straighten it with a flat iron like a boss. It is long (for me-the longest it has been in the last 15 years).

2. My legs...I have always had  what people call bird legs and for this I am thankful. They are in great shape and I even shave them on occassion. They are strong and getting stronger as I start using them for running.

3. My words..I am a ninja word master..especially on paper. I write great resumes and cover letters. The kind that get people interviews, jobs and grants. I edit people's research papers and scholarship applications. This is one of the many ways I love helping others. I am using my own words for blogging and I LOVE it.

4. I am a loyal friend. I will do anything and everything to help you.

5. I am determined.

6. I am passionate. I love people. Love helping them. Love hearing their stories..their struggles and their triumphs.

7. I am a creative cook that throws a bunch of random items together (which always includes garlic and onions!) and it tastes delicious!

8. I'm a bibliophile. Put a fantastic book (real book with actual pages) in my hands and I will whiz through it and find just the right person to pass it on to.

9. I am a wonderful teacher and an amazing mentor to my peers.

10. I try very hard to be considerate...I always return my shopping cart and let people with only a few items go in front of me at the checkout lane.

11. I try to be the best parent I can be to my  3 monkeys and I learn from my mistakes.

12. I try to be the best wife, friend and cheerleader to Big Yankee.

13. I am strong. Life has thrown a shit ton of stuff at me in the past and I am still in the game.

14. I am open-minded and respectful.

15. I am a memory keeper.

16. I am a hard worker.


DOT said...

What a great list! How could anybody not LIKE you too!!! =D

Robbie K said...

Thanks! It wasn't an easy list to write but so glad I did it! You should link up too!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I think it is awesome to ask yourself what you truly like about yourself. I have never really taken the time but I think it is important that we all do it from time to time...maybe like an annual performance review of ourselves. I have to say, even without meeting you IRL, I think you are a wonderful person and momma!

Your Doctor's Wife said...

What a great list! Sometimes we (read-I) tend to focus on our negatives. Nice to remember and focus on the positives!!