Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Seven: Guilty Pleasures

I've had some extra time and much less stress lately now that I live in the same state-in the SAME HOUSE as Big Yankee. I've managed to find time to indulge myself lately--doing some things I should probably be ashamed of.

1. I can't remember why I started watching this show in the first place. I'm going to blame it on one of the young girls I use to work with. I got sucked in almost instantly and watched all of the seasons on NetFlix. We didn't have television for about 10 months and it fell off my radar. I rediscovered it on NetFlix earlier this week and it's like a bad train wreck and yet I can't look away.

2. Food Porn
I read recipes books--well the ones with glossy, full color pictures. All of mine are still packed up in a storage unit somewhere in Kansas so I went to the library and am not ashamed to admit I checked out some food smut. It's a lot less humiliating than 50 Shades of *@*#!

3. I CANNOT stop eating these. It's the cheese to go with my redneck wine party.


I'm more than a little impressed by the public library in our new city and since I have to share my laptop with the entire family I've been doing lots more reading. In fact, I averaged reading a book a day last week. I started reading Before the Storm this morning and I can't put it down.

5. Sleep
I've been doing a lot of that lately. Since we moved here I've managed to sleep thru the night the majority of the time and without the assistance of my little friend Mr. Tylenol PM or his buddy Mel(atonin). I took a nap today. It was sheer ecstasy.

6. I've decided that a candy bowl is an absolute necessity in our new house and I make sure to keep it stocked with a few of my favorites.

7. Judging Amy
Yes I'm fully aware that the last episode ran in 2005 and I can do simple math so that makes 5 6 13 7 years since it's been live. It is exactly what my bleeding heart needs. It goes without saying that i cry in every episode.

What are your guilty pleasures? Don't leave me hanging!


Bruna from Bees with Honey said...

Some great guilty pleasures if you ask me. Chocolate, book reading and junk tv. It doesn't get better than that!

Michelle Longo said...

Sleep is so NOT a guilty pleasure!! I'm watching Secret Life too. I started it a while ago but dropped off and I started up again. I can only watch one ridiculous show at a time though and I just started DVRing Bunheads, so I may lose this one again.

ROBIN said...

Hey Robbie. Loved your seven! YOu can see mine at:

Suzie Q said...

I loved this post! So fun! I love watching 'guilty pleasure' TV shows. Mine lately are British TV shows I've found on Netflix, like Doc Martin and Hotel Babylon. I also have problems sleeping and end up taking half or a full Melatonin every night. The book looks interesting too!

Julia Hunter said...

Great list some of mine would be, General Hospital, Chocolate cinnamon donuts from the local bakery and stealing a few moments alone with a good book and a glass of wine.

Nila said...

It used to be The Secret Circle before it was cancelled. Now its Pregnant in Heels and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Hahaha.