Sunday, June 10, 2012

SOC: Cagey

It's been a crazy ride these last few weeks. Fourteen days ago we pulled up in our driveway ready to begin our new life here. I love the house and if it had a few more rooms we might consider buying it. We didn't make it here with all our stuff and it feels a bit like playing house and a bit like a game show destined for failure. Which box contains my work clothes? Do we have any pots and pans? Should we buy all new trash cans/lamps or suck it up for a few more weeks?

I'm too distracted to write and yet I feel a bit like a caged animal because I haven't been writing. The kids have been amazingly patient when they ask for something and we tell them "it's in storage." We see signs of many children in the neighborhood but haven't met any yet. This is such a HUGE change as they are use to running in and out of their friend's houses for hours and hours and hours every day. They miss walking around the pond, playing at the park behind our house and swimming at our neighborhood pool.

They are happy here. They live with their Daddy again. We are happy here but it's not always easy to start over again.

Even if you want to.

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@dkotucker said...

You're absolutely right..."it's not always easy to start over again even if you want to" but HAPPY is worth it!!! :D

Terri Sonoda said...

Hi Robbie; I've moved around all my adult life, having been in the Air Force and also married to someone in the Air Force. We carted our kids all over the country (and overseas) and they had to adapt to different neighborhoods and schools and new friends. They did it though, every time. And we always finally got settled in and happy. And you will too.
Great post!

a.eye said...

Glad you are moved back together, but I'm sure it is hard to adjust to the new area and the changes that brings. I hope that your neighbors turn out to be friendly as the summer progresses for your children!

all.things.fadra said...

You know I get this. We're still digging out of boxes and finding our new normal. We miss some of the things from our previous life but we know it will get better.