Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday Seven #43

I've kinda ditched Friday Fragments. We walked down the "it's not you, it's me" road. It's pretty much impossible to give a shout out to my favoritist (it is TOO a word!) reads of the week when I barely get to read anything. I don't actually feel overwhelmed but I just don't seem to have as much time for many things that I use to enjoy. It blows but it is what it is. At least for now.

Seven Condiments I could do without:

1. Ketchup-what purpose does it serve? NONE!

2. Teriyaki sauce because ICK factor!

3. Honey aka gelatinous globs of gooey grossness

4. Steak sauce. Since I'm not a fan of steak what is the point of a sauce for something I do not eat?

5. Relish 

6. Blue Cheese dressing- chunks of moldy cheese is repulsive.

7. Yellow mustard because dull and tasteless.
What condiments could you do without?


Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

I HATE ketchup and I always have. It kind of creeps me out that I have to buy it for my kids. I'll miss your Friday Fragments but Saturday 7s good too!

Robbie K said...

Yeah another ketchup hater! I get dirty looks and comments for not liking it. Maybe if i get back into reading mode I can start Friday Fragments again.