Friday, October 19, 2012

Fragmented Friday

I cannot believe this is only the second time I've posted this week. As usual, I have many ideas swirling and  even several written in my head but finding the time and energy to devote to writing them out is just not happening. I am feeling extremely fragmented and spewing out random thoughts and updates today.

Big Yankee started his new job this week and it's going great. We are all adjusting to his new work hours and the kids are having a hard time with much less Daddy time. For the most part he will be here in the mornings and can continue to take the two younger ones to school. Some nights he will be here for an hour or two before bedtime...some nights not. He has to work weekends too. 

I know that this is standard practice for many families but we've gotten use to seeing him quite a bit more once we started living under the same roof again in June. Since school started he's been available for drop-offs, pick-ups, homework help, taxi driving. We had the luxury of dividing and conquering. Not so much anymore.

My work is flexible but there are some things that are out of my control. On Monday I will have to participate in a reflective supervision conference call while picking up the kids from school. My co-worker had surgery last week which means I am covering her caseload for a short time. I volunteered to do it and it's manageable but means more juggling of schedules.

Any tips for getting through this adjustment? 


Emmy said...

Probably just like most things in life, just have to take it one day at time. Plus when your husband is home help him feel appreciated as I bet he is missing being around everyone more too.

@dkotucker said...

Wine! Lots and lots of wine! That is all.

Hang in there Robbie! DI