Monday, October 22, 2012

Magical Connections

For me, it starts as soon as the turkey and green bean casserole are cleared from the Thanksgiving table. It is the magical kickoff to Christmas-The Writing of the Cards. 

As a teenager I would pop my John Denver and The Muppets Christmas Together cassette into the boom box, grab a box of cards and start signing them for my mom. I loved rushing home from school on cold December days and being greeted by an overflowing mailbox of cards and letters. I read every last one of them-even from people I never met. I felt as if I was being given a glimpse into their lives. 

My favorites were the photo cards. Back in the day, only an elite few sent photo cards. I think some people might have thought it a bit pretentious but I was awestruck by them. It required a photographer, a trip to a studio, special orders and outrageous prices. I wanted to send photo cards when I grew up.

Thanks to technology sending photo holiday cards is much easier and affordable. Circumstances prevented us from sending out cards last year and I was crushed. Devastated. 

I am making up for it this year with fantastic cards from Shutterfly. And no more dashing to the post office on Christmas Eve to mail my cards. This year I am planning ahead. My favorites are the photo collage cards and I'm trying to narrow down my favorites. 

Won't you help me decide?

Simple and sweet

This would be great for capturing the highlights of the year.

Love how many photos this card features!


Shell said...

I like the laughing all the way cards- so bright!

A favorite memory is when we were kids and at the front of the church Christmas Eve, singing happy birthday to Jesus, complete with birthday cake. And after the song was over, my big brother yelled back to my mom "Hey Mom, can I have some of this junk food cake?" Hilarious stuff. :)

Leslie said...

I love Shutterfly. We’ve used them for holiday cards and invitations, and I’m never disappointed. The Top Moments card is really sweet, and could be a lot of fun if you’ve had some major milestones during the year. I suppose my favorite holiday memory so far would have to be seeing my now-three-year old open presents last year. It was the first year that she was really able to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Robbie K said...

hahaha have you let him live it down yet?

Robbie K said...

Don't you just love when they "get it"? Makes it all the more magical seeing it through the eyes of a child.

Kelly said...

A favorite memory of mine was going to my grandparents house as a kid. It was so nice to spend time as a family, and as a kid we were so excited to see what Christmas would bring :)