Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Reveal

Fact or Fiction?

You may recall my Fact or Fiction list for Monday Listicles. It's FINALLY time for the big reveal!!

1. I won a bikini contest when I was 23.
**Fiction. I actually came in 2nd place and I was pissed! The first place winner was a stripper by trade and put her slutty skills to good use. It took a little bit of coercion for me to get up on the dance floor but when the owners of the bar got on the microphone and called me up and everyone started chanting my name I could not disappoint.

2. I love painting.
**Fiction. I am completely lacking in painting talent of the artful sort. After having to spend 40 hours painting the week before I left to go to college out of state (thank you community service requirement) I've made an art out of avoiding interior painting.

3. I DESPISE shoes and go barefoot every chance I get.
**Fiction. It is quite the opposite. I DESPISE going barefoot and will wear shoes or slippers every waking moment. I nearly walked out of my first Yoga class last week when I realized it was a shoe free sock free zone.

4. I love going to the shooting range. It really helps me unwind.
**Fiction. I am very much anti gun for very personal reasons.

5. I placed second in a high school feature writing contest in Dallas.
**Fiction. I actually placed FIRST!! It was the summer after my sophomore year of high school and three of us from my school flew down to Dallas to attend a week long newspaper conference. It was completely overwhelming-at least 1000 students most from much larger schools with larger newspapers were in attendance. They brought in a 16 year old alcoholic and drug addict to speak. Afterwards there was a short Q & A and then we were given a deadline. 

Stay tuned for Reveal Part 2:

6. I  knowingly dated a married man.

7. I've lived in eight states.

8. Josh Hopkins who stars as Courtney Cox's love interest on Cougar Town is one of my ex-boyfriends.

9. I've never testified in a court case.

10. I am obsessed with organization. My calender is color coded.

Can you pick out the truth?


Diane said...

Hmm...I'm going with number 7 or number 9!

Diane said...

or possibly 10

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I forgot every single word I read after I saw Josh with his shirt off. Holy goodness!! I think I need to turn the heat down!!! :-)
And YAY YOU!!! 2nd place in a bikini contest...WOOHOO!!!

Larks said...

Man, I hope Josh Hopkins is your ex because I SO want to hear that story!

Angela Ryan said...

What a smart way to do the big reveal! I personally love being barefoot ... but I'm also lucky to have a man who loves me so much because my feet are so gross from constantly doing so. :)

ulu said...

interesting way to reveal! i'm thinking #10?

Gina said...

I caught the reveal for the last 5 but didn't see this so I'm glad I came over to know the "real" 411. If you can't enter a bikini contest at 23, then when can you. You warmed up to it then which takes great courage! While I love barefeet, I'm an admitted shoe whore (heels...well any really). That is so cool about the writing contest but you definitely have a flare and talent which we all benefit from by reading your blog! I'm totally anti-gun! Have a great week, Robbie!