Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bigger Reveal

Last Monday Stasha provided us with yet another clever listicle topic. We listed nine lies and a truth. Read the original here. The lists were challenging and hysterical to read.  Friday I came clean on the first five. I know you've been losing sleep over it so here is my final reveal.

6. I  knowingly dated a married man.
**Fiction. I did date a married man but not KNOWINGLY. How the hell does this happen you wonder? He lived in Texas and I lived in Oklahoma. We saw each other on the weekends. I stayed at his blasted house and you bet your ass I went through the medicine cabinet and did some snooping while he went into his office for a few hours. There was NO sign of any female. The second I found out it was over. Well not before I reamed his ass in public (or at least that is how I remember it!). He walked away and started hitting on a recent divorcee. Yes he really was that classy. I was beyond angry ,as several of my guy friends were very aware he had a wife but didn't think it was their place to tell me. WTH?

7. I've lived in eight states.

**Fiction. I've lived in seven.

8. Josh Hopkins, who stars as Courtney Cox's love interest on Cougar Town is one of my ex-boyfriends.

**FACT! His name is actually William Joshua Hopkins. He showed up at school in the middle of our fifth or sixth grade year.  He was a bit of a celebrity even then as his dad was a Congressman. We both had September birthdays, he had dark hair and an adorable smile. It was instant crush. We "went together" but I don't recall actually going anywhere. I was on the fast track to an up and coming sales and marketing career spending my before school hours peddling notebooks, pencils and erasers at the school store. He was jealous (or at least that's how I remember it!). One morning when I was completely immersed in merchandising the new ink pens one of his friends walked up and some  words were said. Next thing I know I am breaking up with him-through his friend of course.

Let's just say he didn't look like this when I knew him!

9. I've never testified in a court case.

**Fiction. Through my work, I've testified in two court cases. I had just returned from maternity leave and it was a child abuse case. I sat in the front seat of my friends car pumping during court recess. It was heartbreaking but crazy.

10. I am obsessed with organization. My calender is color coded.

**Fiction. I want to be organized but I just don't take the time or posses the skills to do so. I am lucky to even know where my calender is. I have two of them now because my original one went missing for six weeks. 

Can you pick out the truth?


Fritter said...

Oh yay- I'm glad I waited!!! Interesting!! And woah, about the court case. I can't even imagine :(

Samantha Brinn Merel said...

So cool about Josh Hopkins! I love your follow up posts on the fact and fictions. Thanks for sharing!

IASoupMama said...

What a fun truth! This was a fun, fun couple of posts!

Robbie K said...

Truth can be stranger than fiction, eh? Court case was nutty but the best interests of the children was decided.

Robbie K said...

Thanks. It was so much fun to do!

Robbie K said...

Thanks! Now you can brag to all your friends "I know one of Josh Hopkins ex-girlfriends!"

Kathleen said...

I knew it! So awesome!!!

Bridget said...

So you're practically a celebrity! I knew there was something I liked about you!

Robbie K said...

You are very clever!

Robbie K said...

Yeah, pretty much. I am a celebrity's ex girlfriend which is totally the same thing. I always liked you too!

Alison said...

Ooh, I love this fact and fiction post! So what did Josh Hopkins look like back then? :)

Robbie K said...

I desperately wish I had a yearbook to refresh my memory. I remember swooning over his dark hair and smile. He was preppy too!

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