Saturday, November 10, 2012


Twitter Profiles I'd love to see:

@theysuck Ashamed mom of 3, hater of cupcakes, married to no talent, despicable schmuck, fun hater, joy sucker, miserable wretch.

@whyme Mom of ugly twin daughters, slacker wife to dipshit husand, blogging about lame ass shit no one cares about.

@imposter Unimaginative writer, living the nightmare, despiser of felines, booger picking, link pimping loser.

@judgeywhore Judgemental beotch, pusher of crappy home parties, bitter, hostile, political nutjob, trying to make your life as miserable as mine.

@cirlceofbitches online community dedicated to making your life more complicated & miserable, know it all snobs.

@captionlamo Bullshitter, bragger, poster of links, will never follow you or anyone for that matter!

What profiles would you love to see?


Lance said...

@socialmediafool - real life loser posing as internet celebrity to fill Grand Canyon hole where my soul soul be

@attentionhobag - crazy in a bad way skank, lover of duck face mirror pics where my boobs magically appear. STD clean for 3 days.

@scumbag4lyf - high school loser turned mid thirty something creep lying about my life to scam @attentionhobag types. STD clean-never

Robbie K said...

YES! YES! I LOVE those! Hysterical.

Angela Ryan said...

@lyingfuck - lying douche-bag, probably gay, bad hair, multiple personalities, but big penis
That one is my ex-husbands. What? Sorry.

Angela Ryan said...

Love @attentionhobag -- So many high school girls are obsessed with the damn duck face pose.