Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Stasha always knows the way to my heart..and brain with her fantabulouso Monday Listicle topics. Yes I know it is Wednesday so I'll just refer you to #10. This week's topic is Things You Have No Intention of Changing.

10. I will continue to procrastinate. Why do something NOW when I can put it off to the very last minute? I continue to live with the illusion that I thrive under pressure. 

9. I will continue to DESPISE unloading the dishwasher. I am more than happy to fill it up with disgusting, dirty dishes and start a load but I cannot bring myself to enjoy the task of unloading it.

8. I have no intention of spending less time on social media. In fact, I wouldn't mind increasing the time I spend reading, writing and connecting with others.

7. I will NOT curb my slipper obsession. I would be thrilled to acquire even more slippers in 2013. I have an intense aversion to being barefoot or even sock footed. I have been known to shove my leopard print slippers in my purse when going to a New Year's Eve Party at a house where people remove their shoes at the front door.

6. I will continue to listen to '80s music at full blast. Yes Eye of the Tiger and Pour Some Sugar on Me are still on my playlist. NO I don't still have my Walkman. Yes I kinda wish I did.

5. I'm not giving up my obsession of food porn. I will continue to look at it online, treat myself to the occasional Every Day with Rachel Ray or check out recipe books from the library (YES people still do that!).

4. I have no plans to become remotely more organized than I already am. Constantly losing my phone and standing in the check out line only to discover I don't have my debit card or any cash brings a certain amount of excitement to my life.

3. I won't give up chocolate...especially dark chocolate.

2. I won't quit FaceBook no matter how annoyed I get with other people's humble brags, over sharing or lame updates. It's allowed me to reconnect with childhood friends and family far away.

1. I have no plans to stop collecting Sock Monkeys.


Diane said...

I'm with you on all of it! Except the going barefoot thing. My shoes come off the minute I walk through the door but not because I don't allow shoes to be worn in my house. I've always found that weird.

Oh, and I don't collect sock monkeys but my youngest used to have a thing for monkeys so every time I went on a trip without him, I brought him back a monkey.

in the coop said...

What a wide variety of hilariousness! So enjoyed the list.

@dkotucker said...

I thrive under pressure too!!!! We have so much in common. :D

SamanthaJoe said...

Hi Robbi!

I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
Check out my post here:


Kerry B said...

HA! This is one of my favorite posts to date and I am definitely going to create my own list and blog it later. I will link you for sure! Great laughs Robbie and I couldn't agree more with 10, 9, 8, 3 and 2 ahhahaha

Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

Haha, I figured you'd work in the sock monkeys ;). I'm not giving up chocolate either.

Anonymous said...

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Lillian Connelly said...

Can we at least get a picture of the sock monkey collection?

You are awesome!

Stasha said...

Sounds like a plan. Lets procrastinate on twitter and FB while eating chocolate !!

Penny said...

Love these! I should come up with a list, too.

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I'd eat chocolate while wearing slippers with you any day!