Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spillin' It: Purse Style

I a blaming Ducky for this one. Stasha said we could. I'm not one to have a closet full of trendy purses from the latest designers...unless you consider Target Clearance a designer (which I actually do.) My purses have a tough job to do so it's the few and the proud. My taste runs toward big enough to shove all my crap it, can be carried on my shoulder and closes completely so I don't dump out it 's entire contentes any more often than I already do. It should be noted that I CLEANED out my purse about four days before making this list.

Here ya go:

1. Leopard print slippers with hot pink insoles

You may have heard here that I don't like to be barefoot. Unless I am IN the swimming pool or shower (and you better not be peeping there)! you will find me sporting some type of footwear. I went to a Super Bowl party this eve and I can never remember which of my friends have no shoes in the house rule. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I always grab a pair from my slipper collection and shove the in my giganto purse.

2. Infared spot lamp for turtles
I present my FB status update as evidence and backstory:

Dear Pet Smart Employees who saw me careening into the parking lot on two wheels desperately seeking turtle lights as you locked up for the night,
You watched me forlornly crawl away and then got my attention & knocked on my window to see what I needed and you invited me. You had the heat lamp at the counter and rung up by the time I walked in the door! And the way you chased me down in the parking lot because I left my keys on the counter. And just when I didn't think it could get any better You called miss instead of ma'am. You are ROCK STARS! You both deserve a raise. THAT is above & beyond excellent customer service!


3. cell phone charger

This would have come in handy tonight when my car wouldn't start following the Super Bowl Bash...if only I'd bothered to bring my cell phone with me!

4. Labelmaker

I stuck this in my purse on Wednesday evening so I'd remember to take it to the office so I can organize our new space. Ironically enough I haven't been back to the office since.

5. Two checkbooks

And you didn't think people wrote checks anymore? I need back up when I can't find my debit card. It should be noted that one of the checkbooks is for an account in another state that was closed eight months ago. WHAT?? I am sentimental. Not really. I am pretty sure I grabbed it from the top dresser drawer in desperation..never bothering to check whether it was current or not.

6. Safety outlet covers

No I am not hyper vigilant safety mom. My kids are way past the babyproofing stage but part of my job is planning and hosting playgroups for our families twice a month. To the best of my recollection I took these out so we could do music and movement activities.


7. Cupcake wrapper

I have no idea why.

8. name badge

It's from a conference I attended in November which is weird because Big Yankee gifted me my current purse for Christmas.

9. Orange bouncy ball

I have no memory of it's existence much less know why it's in my purse.


10. Seven ink pens and a black sharpie marker

My job involves a fair amount of paperwork at people's homes and I never want to be caught without a pen. My laptop case has about twelve pens.

What's in your purse?


Jen Provenzano said...

You have officially made me feel better about the contents of my own purse ;) That's no easy feat...

Larks said...

Wow! Your purse is like a really awesome, eclectic swiss army knife!

in the coop said...

You weren't kidding when you said "big enough to shove all my crap in"! :) Somehow, I sometimes find bouncy balls in my purse,too. Never know why or how they get there.

Robbie K said...

Funny you should say that because I once had a swiss army knife in my purse...a cheesy gift from my employer that I had forgotten about. needless to say when I was trying to go through security and they kept asking me if I had any weapons and I said no they pulled me aside & dumped the contents of my purse.

Robbie K said...

lol..thanks! It should also be noted that I cleaned out my purse last week...pre list makings.

Robbie K said...

The bouncy ball was really freaking me out b/c my kids aren't into those little machines at the store...until I just now remembered they got them at the dentist in December.

@dkotucker said...

I'm amazed you can carry your purse on your shoulder!?! ;P I always wanted one of those label makers.

I must've missed your FB update about the Pet Smart employees. ROCK STARS indeed!!!

Stephanie Sprenger said...

OK, that is one of the best lists yet. Definitely the most diverse. #2 was beyond awesome. That is the best story ever. And yes, I count Target Clearance as designer. :)

Kerry B said...

HOLY MOLY LADY!!! That's a LOT of stuff and cracking me up!!! I love it!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I'm loving the idea of carrying slippers in my bag. Heck, I may throw in a pair of pjs too!

As for my bag, I have about a 1000 lip glosses/balms. My PT made me clear it out because it weighed too much. :-(

Rory Bore said...

I'd like to live in your purse. it seriously looks like an awesome, fun place to be. because...label maker!!! hours of joy right there.

Jessica B said...

Do you really have slippers and an infrared light in your purse?? Wow, I am impressed with all that your bag can carry. Best list yet! :)

Stasha said...

No way!!!! If I didn't know you better I would totally think this is one of those: true or false lists?! I am always wiping my tears of laughter when I visit here. Carry on my friend... With your big purse ;)