Sunday, March 17, 2013

Old School

In case you aren't already aware I am always late to the party. I have the best of intentions but intentions don't write or publish a post. Last week I came across Miss Elaine-ous Life's Old School Blogging meme and I HAD to jump on the bandwagon. It's too late to officially link up but I am still joining in the fun.

What were you doing 10 Years Ago?
It was 2003 I had recently been promoted to Social Worker II in a public service agency where I worked full time. Except that my doctor had put me on limited duty because I was pregnant with Baby Deuce and having some issues. I was only allowed to work twenty hours a week and I would come home and take a nap every single day. We lived in California and had a 1 1/2 year old son. 

What 5 things are on your to do list?
fax mileage for company car
exchange clothes at Children's Place
buy groceries
go to Y
start looking at houses for sale

What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
chips, salsa, guacamole
chips & dip
Cheeze It Snack Mix

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire
pay off ALL debt for myself, siblings & several amazing, hardworking friends
invest & insure that we would never have to worry about finances again
create a charity benefiting at-risk children birth to three

Name some places you have lived
New York

Name some bad habits you have
trying to take on too much
staying up too late
not taking good care of myself
losing things

Name some jobs you have had
transcriber for parenting research center
at-risk pre-k teacher
scorekeeper at youth basketball games
parent educator


Jennifer Hall said...

Aw man I should have listed guacamole! And I don't believe procrastination is a BAD habit. :-)

Robbie K said...

You've figured out a way to put a positive spin on procrastination? I down with that!

Yona Williams said...

OMGoodness...I'm with you on the procrastination...I'm terrible at it...right now I'm supposed to be writing and I'm commenting on blogs.

Guacamole is the best!

Kristi Campbell said...

OMgosh we are SO on the same page when it comes to snacks! I would never eat another piece of candy again to have ultimate access to nachos, chips, salsa, and guac. Seriously. And yeah, I stay up too late and procrastinate too. Blah. So happy we found each other!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

I also love some of those same snacks - pre-Weight Watchers though ;-)