Thursday, August 15, 2013


Kids and I just returned from a fourteen day adventure visiting family and friends in the Midwest. And if I've learned anything it is that recovering from vacation is hell.

I'm tripping over suitcases. We have no food in the house. I can't find anything. I haven't showered today. Bills are past due. My phone is buzzing with text messages and missed calls. Thinking about getting back into work mode sends me into panic mode.

I had the brilliant idea to do ALL the vacation laundry at my parent's house before we headed home since I DESPISE the mountains of dirty vacation laundry and will do everything to avoid unpacking suitcases.This would have worked better if I'd actually been there and started the laundry before 11 p.m. My great plan had me up until 2:30 am folding clothes and I still managed to leave a load of darks in the washer. It's not exactly feasible to drive 1360+ miles to pick up some denim short so Super Dad is coming to the rescue and mailing them.

I found out today that school starts five days earlier than we thought. The good news is we don't start until September so at least we didn't miss the first day! Big Yankee leaves for a week long trip to the East Coast in three days. I'm OVERWHELMED!!

How do you survive post vacation and adjust to life in the real world?


Tamara Camera said...

It's hard but I find that two or three days of some sort of normal routine usually gets us back on track. We haven't had any long trips with the kids yet, though!

@dkotucker said...

What a brilliant idea indeed!!!!! Well...except for the part about leaving some laundry there. That sucks. Thank goodness for Super Dad! I think I may have to try that this coming trip. I'll let you know if I leave anything behind. :)

Alison said...

Ack, sounds like a lot on your plate! I hope you have some time to breathe before school starts.

Robbie K said...

I was pretty pleased with myself...and a week later I only have 1 suitcase that STILL needs to be unpacked :)