Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Parenting Advice

Say yes more than you say no.

Eat chocolate cake for breakfast.

Skip bath night sometimes.

Hug long and hard.

Hold hands.

Have water balloon fights.

Help build sofa cushion forts.

Listen more than you talk.

Read to them.

Read their favorites over and over and over again.

Read to them even when they can read on their own.

Share your stories.

Laugh more than you cry.

Do the Hokey Pokey.

Carry them even when they are too big.

Blow bubbles.

Play WITH them.

Run through the sprinklers.

Play in the rain.

Search for the end of the rainbow.

Share their interests.

Let them overhear you bragging about them.

Always have band aids.

Always let them lick the cake batter.

Surprise them.

Hold tight and let them go.

Take them to the ocean. 

And the mountains.

Wake them up at midnight to play in the snow.

Teach them how to roast a perfect marshmallow.

Show them how to make the world a better place.


Whisper when you feel like yelling.

Say I'm sorry.

Love deeply.

What parenting advice would you give?

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Kori Hiser said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!

Robbie K said...

Thanks so much! Of course now I keep thinking of more things to add :)

Anonymous said...

oh Robbie. I love this SO SO SO SO SO much.

Carica said...

This is great & I love each and every one. Those that I don't do, I want to do now.

Delia @ Blog Fomatting said...

All of them are so wonderful, Robbie! I try to do them all but thanks for reminding me of a few I tend to forget! :)

Robbie K said...

So glad! Thanks!

lydia said...

Love the reminder to read even when they can. I need to do this with my daughter more than I do. :) Visiting from #sitssharefest

Robbie K said...

Thanks so much Carica!

Tamara Camera said...

I don't know why, and I think it was my own issue, but I couldn't comment on this when it was published and I was dying to! I think I'm having leftover chocolate cake for breakfast today...
This is great advice.

Me, My Life and I said...

Just beautiful! Thank you!