Monday, September 2, 2013

Remembering Summer

Happy Fall Ya'll! I know it's not QUITE fall but it is September and this month brings fabulous things---including MY BIRTHDAY! It also brings Monday Listicles and Stasha wants to see 1o Things To Remember This Summer By! Here are mine:

1. The tree that was struck by lightening and crashed through my parents' roof at 2:30 am during a torrential downpour while we were visiting. A month later the living room is still uninhabitable & they are waiting on a new roof.

2. Long, lazy days at the beautiful lake with friends. We had delicious picnics, canoed and paddle boated to our hearts content.

3. A rare photo of all 3 children together. Sister caught the fish and Big Bro encouraged her, helped reel it in and did all the fish touching. We are all about catch & release here but had to snap a quick pic.

4.Taking Peanut to her VERY first concert--The Band Perry!

5. StinkBug's first season of t-ball

6. Fourth of July weekend in Tahoe with the Outlaws.

7. The kids and I going on a two week tour of the midwest to visit family and friends and our old hometown.

8. NEVER seeing Big Yankee as we altered our work schedules to minimize summer child care needs.

9. Garden fresh tomatoes from generous, gardening guru friends.

10. Staying up late and sleeping in!

What are your favorite summer memories?


Kathy McB said...

Visiting from Listicles. FRESH tomatos from the garden! NOTHING is better than that in the summertime. Can you share your neighbors puhleeze???? :)

Farrah said...

Great memories!!!
I think mine was seeing the boys at the Eiffel tower. I realize that sounds insanely pretentious but it's true. That and having a couples only getaway with just my hubs on a beach. I mean, come on. That's the stuff dreams are made of!

Mamarific said...

These are wonderful! So hard to say goodbye to summer! My favorite memory is waking up without an alarm clock.

Casandra Bennett said...

#1 sounds scary! But #10 had me doing a happy sigh. Going to miss summer.

SouthMainMuse said...

Love those tomatoes. And I have missed not being on a schedule too. Looks like you had a great one.

Marie said...

Funny how we both had trees feature in our list! Ours hasn't fallen yet, though...

Love the photo of your three kids (and the big one).

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I am going to miss sleeping in.

Mmm, I so love fresh tomatoes.

Tamara Stanley said...

With how the roof looks like, it's obvious that your parents need a serious roof repair service. A simple patch up won't do good as it might just make things worse. I hope that's been fixed by now. You shouldn't leave your damaged roof unattended because it might cause problems to the rest of the home.

Tamara Stanley @ Rhino Roofing