Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Did It

-eaten shark

-presented at a state early childhood conference

-married a guy I met in a bar

-kissed a stranger

-picked someone out of a police line up

-sold two houses & bought two houses

-lived in seven states

-helped a stranger

-attended two different colleges, three different times

-had plastic surgery 

-testified in court

-changed a flat tire

-traveled to 40 states

-blogged 12 days in a row

-burned off my eyelashes

-driven myself to the emergency room twice (not due to the eyelashes!)

-made mistakes

-stayed out all night

-been in an earthquake & a tornado

What have you done?


bananawheels.com said...

Are #3 and #4 part of the same story? ;) I also met my husband in a bar. Whatever works!

Jen and Tonic said...

You've burned off your eyelashes?! If you haven't written about that already, I'd love to read that story.

deborah quinn said...

Burned off your eyelashes? Yikes. Sharks?

Robbie K said...

Yeah for bar love stories!

Robbie K said...

The eyelash story is not a pretty one but I shall soon reveal the details.