Sunday, June 1, 2014

Celebrating Thankful

1. A much needed Happy Hour with the ladies on the patio where I gazed at this

2. Watching the adorabley amazing first graders put on their version of "The Princess and the Pea." My little guy was one of the clever knights.

3. Attending the first grade field trip to a local indoor trampoline park where I was greeted with many hugs and high fives since I volunteer in the classroom each week.

4. Wonderful friends returned from a ten day vacation. We spent tons and tons of time with them so all is right with the world again.

5. Meeting some new mom's at a club event I scheduled at the park.

6. Cranking out three blog posts last week. It's not much but I am a bit closer t getting my blog groove back.

7. BIRTHDAYS--Happy 50th to Ten Things Thankful!

8. Wonderfully stimulating book club conversation as we discussed our May book. Can you believe this is the first time I read it?

9. Sleeping in! Now that the kids are older they don't usually wake us up until they start fighting so I slept until 9:45 today!

10. Studying my ass off this weekend.

Ten Things of Thankful


Kristi Campbell said...

Hey three blog posts in a week is A LOT (I used to do five and now feel good when I do one or two). Also, the view of your happy hour, and that you have such an awesome IRL tribe? Priceless!!!

Robbie K said...

once I get back to blogging I will work on spreading posts out a bit as I wrote Sunday, Monday & Tues and was silent the rest of the week. i love my IRl tribe. They save me.

Lizzi R said...

Wow! That view is really beautiful. I'm glad you had such a lovely time.

Have fun with your kids - it's nice that they're letting you sleep late :)

Yvonnne said...

Here’s to friends! How great that you had such good time with yours, and with the ladies on the patio. And what a view!
Yay to sleeping in. MY kids are older now, so they keep me up at the opposite end of the day, suddenly remembering homework they need help with at 10pm!
3 blog posts a week is pretty good I’d say. I have 2 blogs and if I get 3 in total I think I’ve done well.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Christine said...

I don't think I have ever read to kill a mockingbird. Huh. What did you think of it?
That view is gorgeous! We don't have many good views which include water in Indiana.
Nice work getting three posts written. I usually have the same problem as you, posting three days in a row, then nothing for four.
Glad to see you at the TToT again!

Tamara Camera said...

Oh, you're definitely in the groove!
We went to an indoor trampoline park this year for the first time. It seems to be a new thing. I love it!

Rabia Lieber said...

My kids have started sleeping in on occasion. Also the younger two have now figured out that it's more fun to wake up Sissy!! She lets them watch cartoons. I don't complain.